Thief Guild

thiefguild copy

I will probably never get to write about this in TPB(which is unfortunate, but it does not really relate to the story), but in the novel, the thieves work in a pretty complex society.

Instead of just being a bunch of scattered thieves, they all work in several groups under one group of leaders. So basically it is, for example, several teams within one company.

The elders of the thief guild live hidden deep within the forest, where only a select few know the location of(even my character Valerlanta does not know where it is, and she knows where pretty much everything is). The elders meet and decide where the guilds will go by information they compiled through their lengthy connections, and also act as judges for those who break their laws.

Valerlanta’s father is a guild leader, which is a well known fact, but he does not tell that he is also a member of the council of elders, making him one of the highest positions a thief can get.


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