The Mask

On the lovely site of wattpad, I have had a few question on how I did my cover, and it was actually really easy. I am no photoshop master, the cover was actually just a photo with some minor color tweaks, a border, and some text. That’s it.

Because my photoshop skills were not amazing, I decided to make the mask by hand rather than to try and make it 3d in photoshop. The mask was made out a simple piece of leather, cut to shape, designed using a wood-burning kit, then stained with regular leather stain.

Next, all that was needed was needed was my sword, and a backdrop, which in this case was just a rock in my backyard.

I probably looked like quite the goof, running around with a mask and a sword in my back yard while arranging them this way and that, but I really enjoyed the effort.


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