My Updates


Sometimes, I get a little bit of an obstacle as i try to edit…

I once had an ELA teacher who explained to me that in my writing, I had  a great salad, but what I needed to do was better separate my lettuce from my tomatoes. What she meant from that was that-due to me liking to make things up as I go- was that sometimes things end up in the wrong places; such as a scene at the end fitting better at the start.

As I have started editing my novel, I realize I still have that problem, so I am mixing scenes, as well as adding more and making note of mistakes.  Many people dread editing, but I am actually enjoying it. It is like unearthing a treasure, and the only way to see how much the item can shine is to keep dusting the dirt away.

I have also been working on my drawing skills. Actually, the preview image to this post is my most recent drawing of Venic and Valerlanta.

VenicandVal copy


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