The Updated Cover


Behold! The newest cover of my novel!

Making your own cover is something of “taboo” among authors, in fact, if you look up “Novel Cover Tips” on google, almost every one of those guides start or end with a tip that says in bold font “DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN COVER.”

Many upon many of the guides suggested using the very talented professionals out there already who can make you a very nice cover for little to no work for the author, but that route did not agree with me simply because I am darn stubborn. I knew what I wanted, and so I went for it even at the risk of it looking absolutely stupid.

  • First, I made the mask. It was my first time working with leather, so it took pretty much the whole day, but I am happy with the results. In the novel, the mask belongs to my main character and was made by her as well, so the rough results-in my opinion-actually worked for it.
  • Next, came the photo.  I was originally going to make the whole thing digitally, but I was forced to admit defeat at my lack of graphic art skills, so instead I posed the mask against one of my wall-swords in my backyard and took a picture.
  • Finally, came the editing. This took a lot of learning on my part, and I think I still have some more learning still to do. Everything from the font you choose to the space you leave matters, and it was all fascinating to me.

The novel is not out yet, so I still have time to change some things here and there, but the whole point of this post? I am still glad that I broke the rules and made it myself, because the look is exactly as I wanted it to be.



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