Full Cover Novel Concept Art

testy copy

One look on my face, and you would be able to see how very happy I am. As of this weekend, I have faced all my fears, and nearly have my young adult novel The Purest Blood self published. It has been a mess of self-doubt and stubborn determination, but now I am nearly there.

I chose to go the route that was free(which I will talk about in another post), simply because it is my very first book, and the book was as much as a learning process as self-publishing was. I have no doubt that the first novel you write will be the hardest, so I have high hopes for my next writing adventure!

As of right now, my novel is pending review on createspace(a person will check it over to ensure print quality) then I will get a sample copy to check for mistakes. Then, I can choose an official release date.

In the next post, I will talk about how you can also self-publish your novel for free, and also what important things I learnt while writing this novel that could save you a lot of headache while writing yours. In that post, I will also be giving a new release-date for my book, so stay tuned!



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