My Favorite Writing Resources List

So with NaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month) on the way, I thought I would share with everyone some of my favorite free writing resources out there available just in case they might help any fellow writers out there.

  • Descriptive Thesaurus. A thesaurus on how to describe everything from settings, to colors, to people.
  • Ambient Mixer. This one was given to me by R.M.Walsh. It is a sound mixer where you can turn on or off the certain sound effects you need.
  • Ywriter5. My favorite (free) writing software. It separates your novel into scenes and chapters, and let’s you have notes and character info in the software.
  • SFWA World Building Questions. Great and extensive world building questions.
  • Food Timeline Have a novel based on a point in history? This website will tell you what your characters should be eating. – Given by R.M. Walsh
  • Dan Koboldt –  a blog about getting the science right for your sci if / fantasy novels
  • One Look –  a more writer-friendly dictionary / thesaurus
  • Storyfix – a blog all about story structure. I haven’t checked this one out yet, but it looks promising
  • CreateIfWriting – a blog about building an online author platform.
  • MyWriteClub – lets you track your writing progress in progress bars and graphs.
  • Writers Knowledge Base – A search engine for witers

Fantasy Map Generators 

Misc Generators:

  • Medieval Demographic Generator. This one gives you stats on your locations. It will even generate how many bakers are in your city.
  • a collection of helpful generators; such as a coin description generator, Magic secrets, character motivation, and more.


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