Writing Realistic Winter Scenes

I know there will be some of you who has likely never even seen snow, so I thought I would make this to help everyone out. Below, you will find common problems to face while dealing with a snowy winter scene.

  1. ll cofpyExposed Skin.
    When you go outside and it is really cold out, it literally feels like the cold is biting at your exposed skin. It causes it to go red, and can cause frostbite. To counter this, cover exposed skin.
  2. Numb Fingers and Toes.
    This one is extremely annoying. When your fingers or toes get too cold, they go numb and lose mobility. Trying to do fine details like typing is very hard, and it can last several minutes after going inside.
  3. Frozen Nose Hairs.
    When you breathe cold air into your nose, it can freeze the moisture in there. It does not hurt, but it is annoying. To stop this, wear something over your nose like a scarf.
  4. Burning Feeling on Throat and Lungs.
    When the cold air reaches your throat and lungs, it feels like it is burning. To stop this, attempt to warm the air before it enters your body by wearing something that covers like a scarf.
  5. Freezing Eyelashes.
    Ugh. This one is incredibly annoying. Your eyelashes can freeze together, and while it does not hurt, it is annoying. You can help melt them by squeezing your eyes closed really tightly, but the easiest way to prevent this is goggles.
  6. Uncontrollable Shivering.
    Have you ever had a chill that you could not get rid of? It is awful when this happens. It does not matter how warm a house is, once you get a chill it can last a long time. A warm shower or bath can help greatly, otherwise wrap up.
  7. Snow Blindness.
    This one is a scary one for a lot of people. Snow is a reflective surface so it acts like a mirror and reflects the sun right into your eyes. The light can be too much for your eyes, so it can cause temporary blindness. To prevent this, were sunglasses or goggles. The Inuits and other cultures actually used to take bark and cut two small slits and wear it like a mask. It limits vision, but prevents snow blindness.
  8. Sunburns.
    Like said above, the snow is a reflective surface, so it can be too strong. As well as snow-blindness, it can also cause sunburns. It might seem strange to get sunburns in the middle of winter, but it is very easy with snow and ice around.
  9. Sinking into Snow.
    If the snow is very soft, you will sink into it and it will take extra effort to pull your feet back out again. To conserve energy, use snow-shoes to better distribute your weight and sink less.

Outside your Body:

  1. Freezing Water.
    If a water-bottle is just in your pack, do not be surprised if it is frozen solid in just an hour. Instead, put it close to your back so that the heat of your body will hopefully keep it from freezing.
  2. Butane Lighters.
    Butane lighters are great, but they are not reliable in the cold. Keep it close to your body -such as in a inside jacket pocket- to keep it working.
  3. Ice Crystals.
    Your breath has moisture on it, so when you breathe into a scarf, it can cause ice crystals to form on the outside of it. When you go into somewhere warm, the crystals will melt and the scarf will be wet. Be sure to have your characters hang the scarf to dry otherwise they will freeze next time they go out.
  4. Bright Nights.
    Since the snow reflects light, it actually makes nights seem brighter when there is snow on the ground. This makes things easier to see.

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