5 Tips for Writing About Forests

Hey everyone!

For some reason I was extra shy of the camera today, but I tried to make a video anyways. This time around, I list five things that you rarely read talked about in novels while characters are in forests; especially in the fantasy genre.

I won’t describe it here as in depth as I did in the video, but here is the brief explanation:

  1. Hunting is Not Always Successful. Especially if your character is on the run. In a survival situation, majority of your diet will be plant-life.
  2. Altitude Sickness Can Happen. If you are not used to climbing mountains, you can get altitude sickness.
  3. Altitude Effects Fires. Fire needs oxygen, and oxygen is thinner on higher altitudes. This makes them harder to light.
  4. Sleeping Under the Stars Can Suck. Its a romatic thought, but can lead to you being miserable. Instead, look up shelters like lean-to’s, A-frames, and snow shelters for your characters.
  5. Water is Not Always Safe to Drink. Just because you find water, does not mean it is safe to drink. In a real-life survival situation, you will want to filter the water and boil it before drinking.

I really hope that helps! If it does, and you want to see more content like this, please let me know and I will make another video with more points to help you out.

Here is a related post that might also help: Foraging Guide for Writers


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