5 More Tips for Writing About Wilderness Survival

 Hey guys!

So here is another video about common mistakes I read or see during movies in relation to wilderness survival situations.

  1. Animals Obsessed With Humans.
    I cant even name all the times I have read a book or seen a movie where the characters are lost in a forest, and immediately get attacked by wolves. It is always wolves. This is totally false; most people who camp all the time will have never even seen a wolf because they are such shy animals. Same goes for cougars or humans; they are not human hunters. In fact, a grizzlies diet is 80% plant-life. You sometimes hear of someone getting killed by a bear, but it is very rare. If you would like to read up on this, here is a link.
  2. Rationing Water.
    Never ration your water. Ever. If you are in a desert and you ration your water, you are more likely to get killed by heat stroke than dehydration. If you would like to read up on that, see here.
  3. Sucking Venom out of Blood.
    Often you will see or hear about people getting bit by a snake, and either sucking the venom out, or cutting it to try and bleed it out. This does not work. To read more, see here.
  4. Alcohol will (not) Keep You Warmer.
    There is a common myth that alcohol will keep you warmer, but that is not true. It makes you feel warmer, but it actually makes you colder. See here for more.
  5. Keeping Clothes on After Falling Through Ice.
    Water has a tricky habit of keeping its temperature, so after you fall through ice, you are better off to get naked and roll in the snow to get the water off. You are better naked then in wet clothes. See here for more information.

That’s it for now! I hope this helps, and if you want more videos like this, please let me know!


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