The Truth about Getting Knocked Out in Movies and Books

In writing, we are allowed a sort of “creative freedom” when it comes to how things really happen. We can have a hero walk away with an explosion directly behind him, and have him just continue on as if nothing happen. While most know that the real world does not really work that way, some of these myths are a little too common.

A huge pet-peeve of mine is when a hero is knocked out then wakes up hours later in the evil-lair of the bad guy, and has no lasting effects! No, the hero wakes as if he were simply sleeping, and thinks his way out of the situation.

In real life, if you are hit on the head and pass out for over five minutes, doctors start to worry about a severe concussion or  even internal bleeding in the brain. If you are knocked out for over an hour, you are likely dead.

Even if it does not kill you, you are still going to have some effects. Concussions are not fun, and can cause several symptoms; including light sensitivity, and more.

If you want to know more about a concussion, I recommend visiting the Mayo Clinic website here.

Thanks for reading/watching, and I am glad to share this pet-peeve with you!


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