Woad: Character Concept Art

Hey everyone!

So I have been working hard on my upcoming novel, Woad, and while doing that, I have also been creating new character pages!

Here, you can see the infulances that go into my characters’ culture. Antiiss is very celtic and viking ispired, Solicia comes from a village that is inspired by Mongolian nomads(such as the Dukha), and so on. All these characters have grown up through very different kinds of lives; and culture has played a large part in that.

Now, I am working on designing more characters; partially because I do not want this novel to fall under the cliche where all the characters in the novel are the same age. I want the novel to have varied ages to make it seem more real.

What about all of you? Are any of you bothered when every character in a novel seems to be the same age?


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