Writers Help: Medieval Sword Care


As promised, here is my video on medieval sword care, but just a heads up; I am not really qualified to talk on this subject. I do not have a real sword, and I do not have a degree in history; however, I still hope that I help you writers out there with this video.

  1. Clean and Oil Your Sword. After battle, you will want to clean and oil your sword to keep liquid(like blood) off your blade, otherwise it may rust.
  2. Use a Whetstone for Sharpening. Sharpening your sword may need to be done. Do note that not all swords are sharp along the sides; know what sword your character is using.
  3. Use Your Sword as a Sword. Do not use it as an axe or shovel.
  4. Take Your Sword Out of its Sheath While Not in Use. Water can get trapped in the sheath and rust your sword.
  5. Take Your Sword Off While Sitting. It is incredibly uncomfortable to wear a sword while sitting, and you would have to get up to use it anyways.




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