Haze: A Practice Novel

cover copyVery soon as a way to practice writing, I am going to be posting a novel chapter-by-chapter onto the website, Wattpad.

In the past I have found that posting on there is a wonderful way to learn more about writing since the community is so helpful, so I am going to do it again in hopes of learning even more.

I would love to become a better writer, so I hope this will be a way to help me do that.

Haze is a Victorian-inspired world that has a fantasy twist and is full of Irish and Scottish mythological creatures. It follows Ellamae and her bother Aldwin as they try to clear her name from the series of murders she was framed with.

If you would are interested knowing more about Haze, I do have the synopsis up on Wattpad and this website already.

What about all of you? Do any of you have a Wattpad? Have you ever posted a novel for free before? If so, do you find it helpful? I would love to know your thoughts.

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