What Causes My Writers Block(and what I do to fix it)

Reasons I Sometimes Don’t Feel Like Writing:

  1. Writers Doubts.
    This is the biggest one for me. I am constantly plagued by thoughts like “Why do I even bother? I won’t be good at writing, and people will just think badly of me for it.” It is incredibly hard to get the motivation to write when you think like this, so I changed the way I think of writing. I decided to consider all past works as training, and if people review them badly, it’s fine because it was just training to make my next book even better. Faults people find in past work, I just make note of to improve on for future works. I still have days when I am plaugued by fear, but I decided not writing my novels was far worse to me than the fear of writing them. I simply forces myself to start writing, and once I start, I lose myself in the writing and forget the fears.
  2. Not Outlining. 
    It could be that you are stuck because you do not know where to go from the point you are at. For some reason today we think there is something to be ashamed of if you make an outline rather than make it up as you go along. I don’t understand this; if you are outlining or pantsing, either way they are both coming from your imagination. Many famous authors outline before writing, so if this could be your problem, do not be afraid to try.
  3. Electronic​s.
    This is another one I am guilty for. When I don’t really feel like writing, I tell myself “I will just go on to YouTube for a little bit.” Then an hour goes by. Then another hour. And before I knew it, I didn’t not get any writing done. It is well known now that these are addictive, but did you know that there are several studies that show that they also kill creativity? Studies show that inspiration and boredom go hand in hand; when you have a moment of pause, your mind starts to wander, and that is when people get ideas. However, now with these, when we get bored, we can surf the web. No boredom, no wandering minds, and so no inspiration. I suggest giving yourself work hours, and within those work hours, writing or not, you are not allowed to surf on your phone.

What Makes Me Want To Write:

  1. Pinterest
    Create boards full of images that look like your characters and worlds, and make a board that fits with a plot points. These boards will help when you are not feeling inspired. Set a timer, dive into those boards for inspiration, then when the timer goes off, start writing again. The timer is key to make sure that you actually end up writing, rather than going pin crazy.
  2. Writing Spot
    Have you ever heard that you are not supposed to watch T.V. or read in bed? This is because our brains can create habits. If you only sleep in your bed, then when you lay in your bed, your brain will start sending signals to get sleepy. The same can supposedly happen with writing; if you create a familiar place to write, when you go to that place, your brain will start thinking about writing. Once, I read about a person who used to light a candle every time they wrote, which had a similar effect.
So you guys, that’s it for now. What do you guys do to make yourself feel like writing? Please let me know! TheBottledImp, a channel on YouTube, also coincidentally recently made a video with a similar theme, so I suggest going to visit there as well.
I know this is another short one, but I am getting ready for a trip. Because of this, I may not be able to make a video for the next two weeks because I will be in Japan. So, if that happens, see you in two weeks!



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