Armour in Novels Suck

Sorry everyone! I really am not feeling great, so this is not much of a video. I always get sick a bunch this time of year. I guess my immune disorder hates spring… : (

Today I am going to talk about armour in novels. I can’t even tell you how many novels I have read-specifically fantasy novels- where at the very end of the series there is that final battle, and everyone gets into their full armour, goes out into battle, and then the armour is forgotten by the writer.

If someone were to walk up and graze your arm with a knife while you are in full armour, nothing would happen. Even in chain-mail glancing blows are unlikely to cause damage. For chain-mail, it is more piercing blows that go through it easier rather than glancing. It also helps that in battles you are moving around a lot, and since moving targets are harder to hit, a glancing blow becomes more likely.

The reason why I am bringing this up is that too often in novels, the main character gets slashed by a sword across the arm and they easily start bleeding out of their arm even though they are in full armour.

What happened to the armour? Does it just last for good-looks then disappear for the battle?

Armour is not exactly easy to pierce; which is why people went through the trouble of wearing it. They would not carry around that extra weight just to look cool. A person wearing armour should be a harder target than a person not in armour…otherwise what is the point?

So, my suggestion to you writers out there is to make note somewhere visible that your character is in armour, so you can see it while you are writing and remember to have it deflect some blows, and also watch some videos on the strength of armour so you know exactly how hard a character has to be pierced for their armour to fail.

I guess this is more of a pet-peeve than anything else, but I still hope it helped you writers out there with making your battles more realistic.

If I am feeling better, I might do another video tomorrow to make up for the short length of this one. I will tweet when I know for sure.


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