Where I Come Up With Book Ideas

One of the most popular questions I get when I am selling my books at the market is “Where do you get your inspiration for your novels?” They want to know where I get my ideas to write.

It is likely a more complicated answer than you would think.

As a writer, I often get ideas from everywhere. Sometimes its a place, sometimes its an image, sometimes it is an event that happens to me, and other times it something totally different; including a what-if scenario or just a dream.

Mybacktoback copy novel, The Purest Blood, happened because I asked a “what-if” question. I asked in my head, “What if a girl lives in the forest alone as a thief?” From that it gradually became more what-if questions like “what if she loved adventure,” “what if there was dragons, and knights,” and other things like that. How would they play a role in her life?

Then I started drawing pictures of her, and then from her -just her- I built the world, the plot, and the other characters.

Antiiss snow copy

For the novel I am working on right now called “Woad,” it was actually all started by I dream I had in Jr.High. I started writing down those dreams, and all of a sudden from that I started writing my stories and never stopped.

Sometimes my stories even happen because of a documentary I watch. For example, I watched a documentary on Chernobyl, and somehow that got me thinking about superheroes….? I don’t understand why, but

evil furl copy

somehow I started to wonder what would happen if there was an atomic war, and there was so much radiation left on earth, that the government is forced to make nano-bot vaccines to fix the damaged DNA of the survivors. However, some people who are given it develop powers.

I don’t know, guys, it’s a pretty strange place in my head.

Other times my ideas come from drawing a new person, and as I am drawing them, I question myself about the character I am drawing.

I guess the reason I find the question “where do you come up with your ideas” so hard is because my ideas come from everywhere. I would say that’s true to a lot of writers out there.


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