You want to write for a living?

So in my high-school, you would have to go see the councilor at some point, and he would ask you what you wanted to do for a living. Once you gave an answer, he would give advice on how to get there. Some would say they wanted to be a doctor, others would say that they wanted to work their family farm.

When my turn came, without even thinking, I said “I want to be a writer.” His response was “Well, that’s a nice dream, but you have to be realistic.”

Oh man, I was totally crushed.

I mean, I get where he was coming from. Writing is, without a doubt, a highly competitive career, and it’s kind of like winning the lottery to try and go big. However, this councilor explained that in his mind, it was better to pick a “safe” career to strive for.

It’s very strange because if someone is a good singer and loves to do it, no one thinks anything of it if they say they want to go big -we might even encourage them-but when a writer says that, people give a look of pity.

My whole point is that there is nothing wrong with wanting to do what you love for a living.

Yes, you have to have that reality in your mind that you might not make it big as a writer, and you have to know that most writers are never payed enough by writing to do it for a living, but there is nothing wrong with striving for the goal.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to become a full-time writer.

The reason why I actually wanted to make this post is because of a podcast I recently listened to. An author was talking in it about marketing, and I found myself surprised by his choice of words. He would say things like “I knew that when I became a full time writer” and then later he said multiple times “when my books become the next game of thrones” and “when my books become a TV show…” and I found myself realizing something. Perhaps he did become a full-time writer with his own employees because of his confidence in his on words. He never said “if I become a writer” it was “when I become a writer.”

I know this is getting super cheesy, but the frame of mind you have is very important.

I for one have absolutely zero confidence in my writing, and I pretty much have zero convenience of myself as a person, but I can tell you all that I am going to fight for my goal to write for a living, and you all should too.

I want to do what I love for a living. I don’t want to keep working costumer service when I could wake up and actually be excited to go to work.

If that means for now I have to work full time jobs to be able to keep at writing, that does not mean I am going to stop.



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