Dogs in Novels Rant

ellamae-backLife Updates:

To start adding a little extra to my posts on my website, I am going to be compiling a newsletter. On it, as you can see, it will have my latest video, a featured writing resource, and a little insight on my writing life.

In the future, I am also considering doing features of books and perhaps other things. I will also post art I create of my characters, such as the one of Ellamae Holt to the left.

I hope you all enjoy the newsletter! Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Writers Corner:

Newest Video:

Too often, dogs are used as a plot device in novels and movies. It makes me a little mad….

Featured Writers Resource:

Writers Knowledge Base – This website is a search engine specifically for writers. Because it is just for writers, it is unbelievably easy to search and find any resource you need without having to scroll through pages of unrelated content.

My Writing Journal:

Lately on the way to work I have been listening to marketing podcasts. I mean, it is an hour long bike ride both ways, so I might as well do something productive with my time, right?

I have been listening to a few different ones, but I am noticing a pattern. They all stress the importance of a powerful book lunch, and they all stress the importance of having at least three books out.

Everyone has dreams of becoming popular on their first book, but most the writers I have been listening to say that did not start getting noticed until they had at least three books out. After that, readers started taking them seriously.

However, they still stressed a proper launch. I have been listing the major points I keep seeing, so here they are just in case they might help a fellow writer out:

  • Do a cover reveal. This is great for marketing and builds suspense.
  • Have a website. And consider paying for it.
  • Book Trailer. Either pay someone or make your own book trailer video.
  • Un-boxing Video. Do a video or photos showing off the physical copy of your new book.
  • Have Advanced Copy Readers. Send your book to willing bloggers, YouTubers, and other people who would be willing to read your book and review it before it is technically out. This will give you a head-start when it does actually come out.
  • Have an Online Presence. Some of the people I was hearing about stressed Facebook, others twitter, another Tumblr. Find your favorite social media and focus on it(and set it up to automatically post on others). Post something a few times a week.
  • Do a Giveaway. Nothing attracts people like free stuff. Include something they can not get themselves for even more attraction; such as throwing in some items related to your book. I have even seen authors throw in things like a feather-quill.

I hope this helps! I will keep my research up for more tips.




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