8 Ways to Help You Write Your Novel Without Writing It (Newsletter #2)

Life Updates:

Just a reminder, I only have two more farmers markets left(Fridays at 3:30-6:30) so if you would like to get a signed copy of The Purest Blood, you only have two more chances left.

However, if you are still in the Okotoks area(a town in Alberta, Canada) my book is also available at Dit ‘n Dat.

Writers Corner:

Newest Video:

Did you know there are several things you could be doing to increase your creativity? Not doing these things could be keeping you from writing your best novel yet.

Featured Writers Resource:

Odyssey Podcasts. A collection of podcasts which are recordings of lectures of writing.

My Writing Journal:

In order to help myself with my writers doubts -and to become a better writer in general- I have started posting on to Wattpad again. On my page, I just finished part 1 of a steampunk styled fantasy novel called Haze, and now I have started on a superhero one named Arcane.

tumblr_nkntshoex11tm7bmno1_1280To those who do not know the website, Wattpad is a free novel writing website which also has an app similar to kindle. You can post chapter-by-chapter, and so you can gain a following by having readers subscribe to these chapters.

For me, it is forcing me to keep writing despite my fears and get my writing out there for the public to see(which is still a scary thing for me). I have no dreams of publishing the novels I put up there since they are just for practice, so I hope you all really enjoy them!

As for news on my next novel, Woad, I plan to write it during NaNoWriMo, so stay tuned for news on that!



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