The Basics of NaNoWriMo (Newsletter 3)

Life Updates:

dsc_6923My novel, The Purest Blood, is now in the Tumbleweed Coffee House in Nanton! I am super excited that it is in one more location; I actually did not think this would happen.

If you see it there, even if you do not buy it, please let me know you saw it! That would make me super happy.

Writers Corner:

Newest Video:

A talk on what NaNoWriMO is, and some tips on how to get ready for it.

Featured Writers Resource:

Descriptive Thesaurus. A thesaurus on how to describe everything from settings, to colors, to people.

My Writing Journal:

I have been prepping for NaNoWriMo by outlining my next novel, Woad, and very soon I am going to outline my free one as well. The free one I have scheduled to write and post on Wattpad this month and in December, while November(NaNoWriMo) will be complete dedicated to Woad.

I will post more details on this soon.



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