10 Tips for Writing Motivation & Beating Writers Block

Writers Corner:

Newest Video:

Finding the motivation to write can be hard, but in this video I list 10 tips to boost your motivation to write.

Featured Writers Resource:
  • Ywriter5. My favorite (free) writing software. It separates your novel into scenes and chapters, and let’s you have notes and character info in the software

Life / Writing Updates:

I15037103_812544528887385_8349500852703341923_n fell behind on my NaNoWriMo wordcount this week, and this is when I normally tend to fail. I see how far behind I am, and I give up.

I look at my writing buddies -some of which who have already met the wordcount for the entire month- and in my head, I tell myself “if I fell behind on just my daily word count, I am just embarrassing myself by doing this.” Then, just like that, I would give up. Well, I refuse to let that happen this year.

I have today off, so I made myself some shortbread cookies(a recipe of instant happiness for me), brewed some cinnamon tea, and set to writing. I have already written close to 3000 words, and I plan to keep going until I am back to where my word count should be.

Wish me luck~!



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