My Wordly Wrap-up

Writers Corner:

Here is a video on how I did in terms of my reading and writing goals for 2016, and what my goals are for next year.

The Questions:

1. What writing goals of yours did you meet this year?
2. What did you not get done this year that you wanted to?
3. What are your writing goals for next year?

1. What was your favourite book or series that you read this year?
2. Are there any books you are looking forward to reading next year?
3. Did you have a Goodreads reading goal? If so, did you meet it?
4. What is your reading goal for next year?

Featured Writers Resource:

Life Updates:

I recently did a “what should my next video be about” poll on twitter, and it was tie between a video on making your own author website, and doing a medieval recipe, so one of those should be coming up soon.


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