How To Make a Free Author Website, & My Writing Updates

Writers Corner:

Here is a video on making a free WordPress website for author. It is not very long, but I hope it still helps. I plan on doing a longer one when I can find a free screen recording software that works for me.

Author Website Checklist:

  • Homepage 
  • Advertisement of a book on Homepage
  • “Contact Me” page with email form.
  • “About Me” page. Show who you are; add pictures of you, your dog, or your favourite writing spot.
  • Books page. Make it easy for people to see past books and current books.
  • Social media links. Consider a Facebook page, twitter, GoodReads, and Tumblr.
Featured Writers Resource:
    • Fantasy Map Generator. This one was created by someone participating in NaNoGeMo. It even comes up with great sounding names as well.

Life Updates:


Tada! Here is my group of adorable misfits. From left to right they are: Antiiss, Fynlan, Ballgare, Albaen, Edmi, Heafieon. Under normal circumstances they would have never talked, and maybe not even gotten along, but their mission brings them together to be the most awkward group of friends you’ll see.

I am so glad I finally drew them all together!


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