Did Medieval People Have Hobbies?

I recently came across a forum of a person asking what sort of hobbies medieval people have. Well, all the replies, every single one, went something like this; “Medieval people lived in a more barbaric society and had to think about only survival.”

Well….I have some theories about the opposite of that. You see, I used to be an Air Cadet, and in those cadet’s I took all the survival courses I could. Time and time again during those courses, the officers stressed the importance of camp crafts.  Basically, when your camp is all set up and you have nothing to do, you find something to do to keep your moral up. It does not matter if you make yourself a coconut friend; it is still doing something.

So, if someone in a survival situation can have moments of free time, that makes me wonder about medieval people.

According to this article, medieval people had more time off than the average American today, but it is also common knowledge that games like chess, dice, and shinty, are all deeply rooted in history.

Medieval people were also more nature dependant. If it is winter and you are a farmer, you can not farm. If it is a thunderstorm and you herd sheep, you are not going to want to put them out to pasture just in case it spooks them. If it is night, you can not just go flick on the outside lights, so you are done farming.

This all together leads to more time off. More time off means more people trying to fill the time; aka hobbies.

Now, I am no historian, but I would like to learn, so if you have a argument otherwise, I would love to hear it~!


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