The Purest Blood Merchandise

Merchandise for The Purest Blood is now available on Society 6! It has everything from phone cases, to tote bags, to blankets!

All money(if any) I make on there will go to the novel I am working on called Woad so I can get it professionally edited. I was not able to do that with The Purest Blood, but I am hoping I can save up enough for Woad.

If you are interested in taking a peek, use this link so you can get free shipping from now until Feb 7, 2016.

(Thanks to @alliepennauthor for helping me find out about Society 6! You can find her awesome store here. Please go take a peek; her art is beyond amazing.)


Why “The Purest Blood” Was Free, and News

Thanks to everyone who picked up a free kindle copy of The Purest Blood! I really appreciate it. It is back to full price now, and I “sold” 17 copies, which might not seem like much, but it is a start!

When you make sales on Amazon(even free sales) it moves your book up pages. For example, if someone has one sale and I have two, my book might end up a page before theirs; increasing the chances of getting more known. So, even free sales count!

Some people(though not with mine) saw their sales going into the hundreds when it was free, which is great for your book.

So, long story short, that is why The Purest Blood was free for a short time.


Thanks for reading,
Cheyanne Murray

Free Kindle Book: The Purest Blood


The Purest Blood will be free Oct 31-Nov 04 2015.

I am already getting people say things along the lines of “Why would you ever give your book away for free?!” but trust me, I do have a reason.  If I am completely honest, the major reason is marketing. As of right now, my book has no reviews on GoodReads, and one in total on Amazon.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not mind if I don’t make money off my book, but the fact that no one has considered reading is sort of heartbreaking. I would love to give it at least the smallest chance at getting a little known; even if the reviews are not what I want.

Wish it luck; and if you do read it, please don’t forget to review! 🙂

My Book is For Sale!!!


So The Purest Blood is finally for sale! I can’t really believe it….it just does not seem real to me.

There is, however, a catch. As-is, the novel is un-edited.

I know that is a huge risk to take, but to be honest, I thought on it for a long time. Most editors cost by word, and my novel is currently sitting at 118665 words…so the one editor would have been about $4000. Ouch, am I right? Well, as much as it pains me, I currently can not spend that kind of money. I wish I could, but I just do not have it; and after thinking about it, I realized that I can not spend that kind of money on a book that may not go anywhere. I do understand that you have to spend money to make money; but as of right now, my money is spoken for. I am going on a trip to Japan in September, so I need to save every penny I can to make that trip the best.

I do have hope, though. CreateSpace(the company that prints the books) does let you edit the file at any time, so hopefully friends and family who buy it will be kind enough to point out any typos they might see. Perhaps, if I am lucky, these friends and family will help me edit my book just because they want to. That is; if they buy it. I don’t believe in pressuring people to spend money, so I won’t ask anyone if they have or have not purchased it. Most people I know in my age-group are struggling for money just as much as I am, so I will have to wait and see.

What about all of you?  Did any of you write a book and pay for an editor? How much money do you think is too much to spend on a gamble like this?


The book is now live for,, Amazon.Fr,,, and should be on kindle within about 14 hours.

Full Cover Novel Concept Art

testy copy

One look on my face, and you would be able to see how very happy I am. As of this weekend, I have faced all my fears, and nearly have my young adult novel The Purest Blood self published. It has been a mess of self-doubt and stubborn determination, but now I am nearly there.

I chose to go the route that was free(which I will talk about in another post), simply because it is my very first book, and the book was as much as a learning process as self-publishing was. I have no doubt that the first novel you write will be the hardest, so I have high hopes for my next writing adventure!

As of right now, my novel is pending review on createspace(a person will check it over to ensure print quality) then I will get a sample copy to check for mistakes. Then, I can choose an official release date.

In the next post, I will talk about how you can also self-publish your novel for free, and also what important things I learnt while writing this novel that could save you a lot of headache while writing yours. In that post, I will also be giving a new release-date for my book, so stay tuned!


The Updated Cover


Behold! The newest cover of my novel!

Making your own cover is something of “taboo” among authors, in fact, if you look up “Novel Cover Tips” on google, almost every one of those guides start or end with a tip that says in bold font “DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN COVER.”

Many upon many of the guides suggested using the very talented professionals out there already who can make you a very nice cover for little to no work for the author, but that route did not agree with me simply because I am darn stubborn. I knew what I wanted, and so I went for it even at the risk of it looking absolutely stupid.

  • First, I made the mask. It was my first time working with leather, so it took pretty much the whole day, but I am happy with the results. In the novel, the mask belongs to my main character and was made by her as well, so the rough results-in my opinion-actually worked for it.
  • Next, came the photo.  I was originally going to make the whole thing digitally, but I was forced to admit defeat at my lack of graphic art skills, so instead I posed the mask against one of my wall-swords in my backyard and took a picture.
  • Finally, came the editing. This took a lot of learning on my part, and I think I still have some more learning still to do. Everything from the font you choose to the space you leave matters, and it was all fascinating to me.

The novel is not out yet, so I still have time to change some things here and there, but the whole point of this post? I am still glad that I broke the rules and made it myself, because the look is exactly as I wanted it to be.


My Updates


Sometimes, I get a little bit of an obstacle as i try to edit…

I once had an ELA teacher who explained to me that in my writing, I had  a great salad, but what I needed to do was better separate my lettuce from my tomatoes. What she meant from that was that-due to me liking to make things up as I go- was that sometimes things end up in the wrong places; such as a scene at the end fitting better at the start.

As I have started editing my novel, I realize I still have that problem, so I am mixing scenes, as well as adding more and making note of mistakes.  Many people dread editing, but I am actually enjoying it. It is like unearthing a treasure, and the only way to see how much the item can shine is to keep dusting the dirt away.

I have also been working on my drawing skills. Actually, the preview image to this post is my most recent drawing of Venic and Valerlanta.

VenicandVal copy

The Puzzle Ball


This will play a huge part in my novel. In fact, it is the piece that starts the whole journey. It is a baseball-sized metal orb with five spinning rings that poses a puzzle that the main characters must solve.

The symbols above are my created language. You could actually write in it, if you wished(and if you had the guide), so I am pretty happy with it. : )