Dream + Fantasy Novel Updates

A Writing Shed in a Garden

I read once that visualizing dreams help them come true, so I did what I do when trying to visualize something, and I drew it out.

Ever since the so-called “she-sheds” first started making an appearance online, I started dreaming of a writing shed. Instantly, I knew where I would want it to be without any thought. For me, I would adore having a large garden with so many fruits and veggies that I could leave extras for my community to take as they need them. A garden that would not just help me, but my neighbors too.

At the back of all of this would be a modest shed with opening screened windows and a small attached greenhouse. In it, I could open the windows, and smell the dirt, herbs, and flowers. I could hear the wind in the trees, the singing of birds, and the soft hum of pollinators.

It would be just outside my home, but stepping inside of it would leave all the stresses of life behind. It would feel like I was going to work, even though it would only be just a few steps from my home.

If I was having a moment of writer’s-block, I would quietly tend to the garden while thinking of my stories.

That, to me, would be the best writing spot. : )


Writing Progress:

My current major writing project is something I am currently calling “Woad.” The name may change, but the story itself is proving to be intense to flesh out. The story will be from multiple points of view, forcing me to know more about my characters than I might have had it only been one POV, and the world is so large that the details about it keep growing.

Before I attempt a second attempt at a draft of the first book, I would like to know absolutely everything I can about both the characters and the world. I am determined to make both seem real in my writing, and something that often helps me do that is drawing.

Sometimes, I can be working on one sketch of one character for hours, and those hours is a sort of private time with that character. My mind is only on them as I draw, so I flesh out their personality, and while my pen moves I also finalize their appearance more and more in my mind. It is a win-win situation!

Here are some of the drawings I have done for this novel so far(more are sure to come!):


Thanks for reading!



Antiiss Concept Art | Step-By-Step

Here is concept art of my character, Antiiss! I saved it as I went to show you all how I work.

When she uses magic her tattoo-like scars light up, but I can’t seem to make them look nice. I included the version without the glowy skin because of that.

How To Make a Free Author Website, & My Writing Updates

Writers Corner:

Here is a video on making a free WordPress website for author. It is not very long, but I hope it still helps. I plan on doing a longer one when I can find a free screen recording software that works for me.

Author Website Checklist:

  • Homepage 
  • Advertisement of a book on Homepage
  • “Contact Me” page with email form.
  • “About Me” page. Show who you are; add pictures of you, your dog, or your favourite writing spot.
  • Books page. Make it easy for people to see past books and current books.
  • Social media links. Consider a Facebook page, twitter, GoodReads, and Tumblr.
Featured Writers Resource:
    • Fantasy Map Generator. This one was created by someone participating in NaNoGeMo. It even comes up with great sounding names as well.

Life Updates:


Tada! Here is my group of adorable misfits. From left to right they are: Antiiss, Fynlan, Ballgare, Albaen, Edmi, Heafieon. Under normal circumstances they would have never talked, and maybe not even gotten along, but their mission brings them together to be the most awkward group of friends you’ll see.

I am so glad I finally drew them all together!

The Re-Writing Trap and Novel News

Novel News:

So, story time. Last Thursday I went to the dentist to get a check up done, and ended up getting my wisdom teeth out. The surgery was not planned at all, so the day after it I was lifting straw bales at work and in the store the days after(my job doesn’t believe in sick days).

After working hard with lots of pain, I was like a zombie by the time I got home. That means no writing. It was an incredibly hard week for me, so I don’t really have any updates at all in regards to my novel I am writing.

I am feeling way better now, though, so hopefully starting now I can be super productive again!

Wisdom teeth, I do not miss you!

Writers Corner:

Today I am talking about the re-writing trap that many authors fall into. Sorry if I talk slightly strange in this video; my mouth is still a tiny bit sore from getting my wisdom teeth out.


Woad Updates: New Concept Art

I have been drawing lots for Woad lately. Some have been good…some not so good, but here they are so far!

Mostly, I have been working on creating my own creatures, and also world building. Most these drawing are related to the area where my main character, Antiiss, lives.

Please tell me what you think! I would love to hear any suggestions. : )

The Purest Blood Merchandise

Merchandise for The Purest Blood is now available on Society 6! It has everything from phone cases, to tote bags, to blankets!

All money(if any) I make on there will go to the novel I am working on called Woad so I can get it professionally edited. I was not able to do that with The Purest Blood, but I am hoping I can save up enough for Woad.

If you are interested in taking a peek, use this link so you can get free shipping from now until Feb 7, 2016.

(Thanks to @alliepennauthor for helping me find out about Society 6! You can find her awesome store here. Please go take a peek; her art is beyond amazing.)

Woad: Character Concept Art

Hey everyone!

So I have been working hard on my upcoming novel, Woad, and while doing that, I have also been creating new character pages!

Here, you can see the infulances that go into my characters’ culture. Antiiss is very celtic and viking ispired, Solicia comes from a village that is inspired by Mongolian nomads(such as the Dukha), and so on. All these characters have grown up through very different kinds of lives; and culture has played a large part in that.

Now, I am working on designing more characters; partially because I do not want this novel to fall under the cliche where all the characters in the novel are the same age. I want the novel to have varied ages to make it seem more real.

What about all of you? Are any of you bothered when every character in a novel seems to be the same age?

Woad Sneak Peek

Here is a quick introduction into just a small part of the culture the main character of Woad lives in. Soon I’ll do a video introducing the characters.

The start of the shield.

The start of the shield.

Also, I just started on my viking-inspired shield which I will need for the cover I am making for woad! I am super excited to get that done.

I plan on filming as much as I can so that I can show everyone how I make a novel cover from start to finish.

Making a Novel Cover Part 1: Shield Boss

My shield boss came in!
For my novel Woad I am making my own cover, just like I did for The Purest Blood, but this time I am in need of a shield rather than a mask. So, I am making one myself; with the exception of the boss, which I ordered.

Where I Ordered My Shield Boss From:

Also I will be(mostly) following these instructions:

Thanks for watching!