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haze1About Haze:
Haze is a story set in a Victorian-like setting that takes place after wars destroyed the world we know, and the veil between the fae and human world tore; allowing creatures and magic back into the world. The story follows a brother and a sister; both trying to clear her name after she is framed for murder.

Genre: Fantasy, Action/Adventure

The city of Haze is silently crumbling. Under the deep fog of the night, some poor soul goes missing only to show up dead on the mornings frosty shores. The people of the city are hiding something; something horrible, and anyone who investigates it does not make it through the night.

But who is responsible?

Isolated outside the city, Aldwin is trying to help his sister, Ellamae, fit into the society they live in. After much patience, he has her talking and behaving normally again, but her dark past is still looming over her like a shadow.

For years, nothing eventful happens, until Aldwin is unable to pay his landlord and thugs are sent to force it out of him. Old habits awaken again, and Ellamae kills the thugs and is caught in the act.

Soon after, she finds herself in prison, and being blamed for not only killing the thugs, but also for all the disappearances in the whole city.

As Ellamae and Aldwin try to prove her innocence, they are swept along on a adventure like none they could have ever dreamed of.

The Story | The World | The Characters | The Sidhe

Haze is now available for FREE on Wattpad, here.