The World of Haze

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Sheglen, often called Haze by locals due to the thick fog that rolls in every night, is a city that started as a military base. It was built with the purpose of training magic users for battle, and still does, but has changed much since then. Now Sheglen is a huge city with more citizens than soldiers.

Duke Alvey is the fourth duke to rule over the city of Haze, and certainly the most dedicated. Under his control, the city is growing faster than ever before, and his soldiers are known as being the best trained in the kingdom.

The city itself is surrounded by thick, iron-base walls which work as protection against the sídhe, so -unlike outside of the city- those who live inside do not have to worry about putting protective charms up and also have a vibrant night life.


Wicksend is a mountain town surrounding a lake. Due to natural hot springs, it is a popular vacation destination for the rich. The main sources of income are tourism and the mining industry.



Despite the harsh sounding name, it is a quaint village with canals instead of roads. Many people go here for retirement, or to raise their children away from the cities. It is named because of a man who tried to trick a Sidhe, and ended up being turned to Howlite. Supposedly, his body is still encased in stone within the city center.

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The Story | The World | The Characters | The Sidhe