HAZE- The World

The City:

Haze is a city that was originally named “Sheglen” but was unofficially re-named by locals due to the thick fog that takes over the town every night.

The town was made as a military base, and is one of the worlds only bases built with the purpose of training and sending out magic-users to fight sídhe. This concept of using magic to fight magic was so successful that the queen sent her approval to continue, and after that, the city steadily grew.

Duke Alvey is the fourth duke to rule over the city of Haze, and certainly the most dedicated. Under his control, the city is growing faster than ever before, and his army is now known as unbeatable.

The city is surrounded by thick, iron-base walls which work as protection against the sídhe, so -unlike outside of the city- those who live inside do not have to worry about putting protective charms up.


The Sídhe:

Sidhe is another word for fae or fairy. The sídhe in this novel take inspiration from Irish and Scottish folklore, so they are not the sweet flying fairies that we know today. An example is the Each-uisge; a creature from scotish mythology that is a flesh craving horse.

There are things that can be done to protect yourself, such as putting a iron horseshoe above your door. Iron is said to be poison to the sídhe.

Concept Art:

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