Woad is a novel about a group of unlikely friends in a quest to save the world they know from certain doom.

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

People wearing masks void of any expression gradually started showing up on the streets of the cities, and preaching about the evils of the noble classes.

At first, no one thought anything of it; the masked people were dismissed as harmless crazed ramblers and life went on.

That is, until, in one day, an entire town went mad. The citizens first took out their ruling nobles, then they started attacking each other. By the time help arrived, the people of the town had to be killed and their bodies burnt.

Official word said it was a new strain of sickness; but some suspect otherwise. The cursed forest is somehow growing; and the masked people are likely the cause. However, no one can prove this. The masked people are a secret society, and those caught quickly kill themselves to hide any information.

They are everywhere, and yet as hidden as ghosts.

As a last resort, a group is sent into the cursed forest to try and find a way to reverse the sickness.  There, they meet a girl who might be their only hope; that is, if the curse eating her body does not kill her first.


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