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Cheyanne Murray was born on Febuary 3, 1991 in Canada. She grew up near the Rocky Mountains with her parents and three siblings, and she does not plan to leave the area any time soon. Murray loves exploring the forests, and their landscapes inspire several of her novels.

The Purest Blood is her first high-fantasy, and the cover art and drawings inside were all done by her as well. Murray has plans to return to Valerlanta and her adventures someday, but for now she has other novels just waiting to be written.

Murray has a diploma in Photojournalism, but greatly prefers writing of fictional sword fights and dangers.

To stay up-to-date on current and future plans for books, please visit her Website or Twitter page.



3 thoughts on “About & Contact

    • Chey Murray says:

      Haha! I’m going to take that as a massively huge compliment. It must have been quite the surprise to see my page if that was what you were expecting! Lol

      Thanks for the comment! You made my day and made me laugh. : )

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  1. laiq says:

    Welcome. I am too much interested in writing…but I cant…therefor I read a lot every day to find exact point.. how to write? and I explore/read every blog of writer as a angry bird….so last night i came to your blog and thought while reading that this ( professor or 50 years old man) blog is enough for next 24 hours……..I will read more here after completing your favourite resources…and hope to find new post too …Thanks.

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