My Novels:


The Purest Blood is about a thief and a spy who go on a chase against a kingdom in search of treasure.

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Woad is a novel about a group of unlikely friends in a quest to save the world they know from certain doom.

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haze1 HAZE:

Haze is a free novel that I am writing for practice. Haze follows a brother and a sister; both trying to clear her name after she is framed for murder. It has magic, creatures, and mystery.

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glitches21 Glitches:

Glitches is a free novel that I am writing for practice.  In it, a cure to save humanity from radiation ends up giving some people powers. These people are called “Glitches” and are feared by the people and the government, but a team of teen Glitches might be the only ones who can save the city.

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