The Purest Blood



The Purest Blood is about a thief and a spy who go on a chase against a kingdom in search for treasure.

Genre: Fantasy, Action/AdventureCover

For years, masked thief Valerlanta believed her forest would always hide her; but she soon learns how very wrong she was.

Valerlanta stole what the king wants and would burn down the whole forest to get it.

What she thought was only a game for riches, turns into a tangled plot more thick then she could ever imagine.

The thief has stepped into a race on who can get the greatest prize and she will give anything to get there first. However; one wrong step and the prize goes to the king, and this game of greed, many pieces will play.

Buy The Purest Blood on,, Amazon.Fr,,,  CreateSpace, and kindle.

News: The Purest Blood is now available in Dit and Dat in Okotoks, Alberta(Canada).

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